5.0MP Microscope camera MC50-S

Use of 5.0 megapxiels Sony CMOS sensor, MC50-S offers high performance microscope color image. Imaging performance compatible to same sensor size Sony CCD camera. The camera equipment with global shutter allows the camera accurate tract and capture dynamic images, USB3.0 interface transfer data in high-speed, the features make sure MC50-S camera focus image clearly in time. It is a high performance digital camera compatible to bright field, phase contrast, polarizing and routine fluorescence.


  • Sony 5MP 2/3 inch sensor

  • 37.5 fps at full resolution, max 56fps

  • Global shutter

  • Long exposure time to 10s

  • Effective gain 1X~16X

  • Can offer 16bit color image

  • 64Mb cache to store image data

  • Support DirectShow / TWAIN

  • USB3.0 port

Area of application

  • Clinical diagnose

  • Pathology: Slides, HE, IHC, TCT, etc bright field.

  • Phase contrast: Live cell, sperm, etc transparent or liquid.

  • Fluorescence: FISH, static fluorescence imaging, upright fluorescence microscope imaging, etc.

  • Polarizing: material science, geology, etc.

  • Metallurgical

  • Dark field

  • Stereo

  • DIC

Item MC50-S
Effective resolution 5.0 Megapixels
Sensor size 2/3 inch
Pixel size 3.45μm  × 3.45μm
Resolution and frame rate Resolution Frame rate
2448 × 2048 37.5FPS
1920 × 1080 56FPS
1224 × 1024BIN2 37.5FPS
1224 × 1024SUM2 37.5FPS
1224 × 1024SKIP 37.5FPS
Any size of ROI
Scanning mode Progressive / Continues
Shutter type Global shutter
Exposure time 46μs ‒ 10s
Effective gain 1x ‒ 16x
Spectral response 380 ‒ 650nm
A/D Convention 12bit
Image Cache 64Mb
Exposure Manual / Auto/ Zone
White balance Auto / One push / Zone
Image format TIF,BMP,JPG,RAW
Software data DirectShow / TWAIN
Operating OS Windows XP 32bit,Windows 7/8/10 32/64bit
Data port USB3.0 B type5Gbps   
Camera port C-mount
Power supply USB 5V input
Working surrounding Working temperature 0 ‒ 50℃,working humidity:10% ‒ 90%RH 

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