HDMI camera MD26-HD
1080P HDMI camera MD26-HD with USB port

HDMI camera is used to show microscope image on screen and projector directly. MD26-HD It is a standard HDMI camera for current screen in the market, it presents 1920x1080 resolution image rapidly to the monitor, and available to save image in 5 megapixels to SD card. Besides HDMI port, designer maintain USB2.0 port for connecting to computer, support user open the image on computer with public basic image program and also possible to use with Mshot professional Digital Microscope Imaging Analysis System. The package contains wireless mouse for user to remote control the camera with screen.


Connect to monitor directly, Control by wireless mouse or wired mouse

  • Zoom ( in and out)

  • Mirror (vertical and horizontal)

  • Freezed

  • B&W mode (monochrome image)

  • HDR

  • Capture (need sd card)

  • Video(need sd card)

  • Browse captured image (need sd card)

  • Storage (need sd card)

  • Line (Line on image) 

  • Image process


It equipment with Panasonic FULL HD 1/2.86” sensor, image is sharp and clear, the highest running speed gets to 60fps under full resolution which is fluent for image view. Functional with image capture, view, take video, process image from adjust exposure time, gamma, gain, gray and ect parameter, what is more it has assistant functions for industry application in general, such as grid differentiation, contrast image in one screen, HDR mode, frozen image, reverse image, mirror image, digital zoom image in 10X, draw 4 corss lines in different color and so on. It is suitable to applied for remote medical diagnostic, video meeting, industry inspection, education with projector, security control and microscope imaging. 

Area of application

  • Biological bright field

  • Remote medical diagnostic

  • Video meeting

  • Industry inspection

  • Education with projector

  • Security control

  • Education

Item Specification
Item no. MD26-HD
Effective resolution 2 megapixels
Sensor size 1/2.86" FULL HD Panasonic
Pixel size 2.75μm × 2.75μm
Resolution and frame rate 60fps@1920x1080
Digital zoom 10X digital zoom and shrink
OSD Smart UI with mouse controllable
Data port USB2.0 B type480Mb/s
Camera port C-mount

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