5.0MP Mono sCMOS camera MSH05

MSH05 is the latest launched monochrome sCMOS microscope camera, big sensor size 3/4”offers high sensitivity, low noise and high dynamic range, the characteristics combine with 5 megapixels high resolution makes the camera is ideal for scientific laboratory research, fluorescence signal capture and related weak light microscope imaging.

6.6μm pixel and 4/3 inch sensor

4/3 inch large scale sensor offers widest field of view with C-mount interface imaging and carry enough big pixel, providing outstanding weak light capture capacity.

80% QE & Wider spectral range

Wide spectral range of 380nm~1000nm, quantum efficiency gets to 80% at 550nm~600nm which is advanced than traditional front-illuminated sCMOS camera. The camera acquires visible light, also available for UV light and near-infrared light.

Reduced dark noise

Monochrome sensor is good at capture weak light signal and control imaging dark noise to get pure image.

Area of applications

  • Weak fluorescence

  • Weak light signal capture

  • Semiconductor

  • Entry level NIR

  • Live cell imaging

  • Flow cytomery

  • Chemiluminescence

  • FRET

  • FISH

  • DIC

Item MSH05
Effective resolution 500 Megapixels
Sensor size 4/3 inch
Pixel size 6.6μm  × 6.6μm
Resolution and frame rate Resolution Frame rate
2560 × 1938 12.5FPS
880 × 640 60FPS
Any size of ROI
Scanning mode Progress / Continues 
Shutter type Electronic shutter
Exposure time 40μs ‒ 10s
Effective gain 1x ‒ 60x
Spectral response 380 ‒ 1000nm
A/D Conversion 12bit
Image cache 64Mb
Trigger mode Software trigger
Exposure Manual / Auto / Zone 
White balance Manual / One push / Zone
Image format TIF,BMP,JPG,RAW
Software port DirectShow / TWAIN
Operation OS Windows XP 32bit,Windows 7/8/10 32/64bit
Data port USB3.0 B type,5Gb/s   
Camera port C-mount

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