Heating stage & Thermal plate TP-R/TP-M
Heating stage and transparent thermal plate for microscope

Mshot microscope constant heating stage is high cost effective and durable, can customize for user microscope needs. It is used for keep warming live cells and temperature sensitive biology during microscope observation, widely used at cell engineering, neuroscience, Genetic engineering and related application. The thermal plate auto offers sample constant temperature guarantee.


  • Precision-casting and high qualified manufacture craft

  • Control room temperature to 50℃ evenly

  • Temperature control accuracy ≈±0.1℃

  • Heat responding time ≤0.5s

  • ITO film coating glass,black Nickel Surface Coating frame

  • Super thin glass for better heating

  • Foot length liftable and removable

  • Various sizes plate for different sizes stage and microscope

Area of application

  • Embryology

  • IVF

  • Genetics Andrology

  • Cell biology

  • Neurosicence

  • Sperm analysis

  • Organic material experiment

Different shape and various sizes

  • Rectangular and circular two shapes thermal plate applied for different stage of microscope.

  • Various sizes and adjustable height allows it to fit almost all coomon microscopes.

  • Universal for microscopes in types of upright, inverted and stereo.


Item No. Shape Thermal plate size Suitable microscope Recommend used microscopes
TP-R200-M Rectangular 165x113mm Upright MSHOT MF43/MF31/ML31
Olympus BX53/BX43/BX51/CX41/CX31
TP-R282-M Rectangular 240x160mm Stereo MSHOT SZX7/MZX81/MZ61
Olympus SZX16/SZX12/SZX10/SZ61
Nikon SMZ18/SMZ745
TP-C118-M Circular 118mm Inverted MSHOT MF53/MF52
TP-C108-M Circular 108mm Inverted Nikon Ti-U/S/E
TP-C100-M Circular 100mm Inverted Zeiss AXIO A1
TP-C110-M Circular 110mm Inverted Olympus IX51/IX71/IX81/IX73/IX83                                IX70/IX50 / CKX53/CKX41                                                    Nikon SMZ745
TP-C180-M Circular 180mm Stereo Nikon SMZ800N

Standard Specification

Circular shape thermal plate Rectangular shape thermal plate
Diameter TP-C108-M: 108mm TP-R200-M: 165mmx113mm
TP-C100-M: 100mm TP-R282-M: 240mmx160mm
TP-C110-M: 110mm
TP-C118-M: 118mm
TP-C180-M: 180mm
Glass Tempering glass (including ITO film) Tempering glass (including ITO film)
Double layer glasses Double layer glasses
Thickness of central area 0.5mm Thickness of central area 0.7mm
Frame Stainless Steel (black nickel plating) Stainless Steel (black nickel plating)
Silk printing Black Nickel Surface Coating Black Nickel Surface Coating
Foot No 50mm~60mm lifting, can be removed
Line material
Sensor PT100 (Platinum)
Electrode Sliver paste
Power line MP3 plug - USB - 4 pin Aviation head line
Temperature controller
Power in voltage 110~220V, AC50-60HZ
Output voltage/ Power 3~12V (adjustable), 3A
Temperature setting LED show, preset panel
Temperature range Room temperature -50constant temperature available)
Accuracy ≈±0.3
Responding time ≤0.5s
Control method PID+FUZZY compound Intelligent adjustment algorithms
Electromagnetic compatibility IEC61000-4-4(electrical fast transient )±4KV/5KHz
Isolated pressurization Between power supply terminal, relay contact and new signal terminal 2300VDC
Between isolated weak signal terminals600DVC
Working surrounding 10~30, relative humidity 20%~80% (25)
Accessories Screws, slide holders
Optional accessories Infrared thermometer

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