Metallurgical microscope MJ43
Scientific grade metallurgical microscope MJ43

MJ43 is a research level metallurgical microscope with reflected lighting and transmitted lighting. Multi-function lighting attachment and broad-spectrum LED light source allows the microscope expand to reflected fluorescence function. The microscope body and structure is equivalent to Olympus BX43 optimized optical performance, offering various observation method possibility of dark field and DIC. All features give the microscope system ability to achieve composite micro observation of semi-conductor, FPD, electronic board, precision metal parts, physical materials and related industry area. It’s an ideal instrument for university laboratory, education and scientific research purpose.


  • Equivalent quality of Olympus BX43 microscope body.

  • Flexible expand to observation method of epi-fluorescence, dark field and DIC.

  • Broad-spectrum LED light source is high efficiency and environment friendly.

  • Semi-apochromatic metallurgical objectives are clear and bright to view metal and no coverglass specimen.

  • Turret accommodates maximum sextuple filter block cubes allows to add filter cubes by needs.

  • Transparent plate is convenience to hold powder specimen.

Microscope frame Optical system Universal Infinity-corrected optical system
Structure Original from international famous brand microscope
Observation Hinged type trinocular observation tube with 30°inclination
Wide field eyepiece 10X/22mm, high eye-point, interpupillary distance 53~75mm
Nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece
Objectives Semi-apochromatic metallurgical objective PlanFluor EPI 5X/0.15WD:20mm
Semi-apochromatic metallurgical objective  PlanFluor EPI 10X/0.3WD:11mm
Semi-apochromatic metallurgical objective PlanFluor EPI 20X/0.45WD:3mm
Semi-apochromatic metallurgical objective PlanFluor EPI 50X/0.8WD:1mm
Optional objectives Bright field & dark field metallurgical objective N-MPFN 5X/0.15 BDWD:20mm
Bright field & dark field metallurgical objective N-MPFN 10X/0.3 BD,WD:11mm
Bright field & dark field metallurgical objective N-MPFN 50X/0.8 BD,WD:1mm
Bright field & dark field metallurgical objective N-MPFN 100X/0.9 BD,WD:1mm
Stage Coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control: with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism
Travel distance 80mm×50mm, 1mm per scale, accuracy 0.1mm
Triple-layer mechanical stage with glass plate clamp
Transparent glass plate 97mm×76mm
Reflected illumination Turret accommodates maximum sextuple filter block cubes 
Mirror units of bright field
Digital control LED light control box, AC110V/220V
30W board-spectrum LED light source MG30
Connector of broad-spectrum LED light source
Analyzer and polarizer
Optional illuminating system 12V100W halogen lamp house and control box
Focus 25 mm stage stroke with coarse adjustment limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse adjustment
knobs, stage mounting position variable, minimum adjustment gradations: 1 µm
Transmitted illumination system Warm white LED lamp, brightness is continuously adjustable
Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.1
Power line According to user's country electrical requirement
Screw driver M3.0 hexagon screw driver
Accessories Immersion oil
Dust cover MSHOT special dust cover
Optional adapters 1X/0.5X/0.75X C-mount adapter

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