LED fluorescence illuminator MZX-LED
LED fluorescence illuminator for stereo microscope MZX-LED series

MZX-BG-LED series LED fluorescent illuminator is self-researched by Micro-shot company. It is designed to upgrade stereo microscope to fluorescent functional.The LED illuminator integrates filters cubes and light source in one unit, switch fluorescence observation and bright field observation by wheel. What is more, it keeps original stereo microscope optical performance no matter depth of field or field of view.Stereo fluorescent microscope is ideal for scientific laboratory GFP and in vivo experiment such as zebrafish,  nematodes, fruit flies and other fluorescent microscopy fields.


  • Compact design all in one unit

  • 6W LED lighting for each filter group

  • Continuously adjustable brightness with rotatable knob

  • No need preheating or cooling, open to use

  • Turret wheel control different color lighting 

  • One-stop operation of light source and filter, no need change light source

  • No need external or added power supply, PSE labeled power adapter

  • Safety, environment friendly and human friendly

  • Coated precision-cast aluminium with vented design

  • CE, FCC, EMC, EU, ISO certified

  • Compatible to various stereo microscope 

Main applications

  • In vitro

  • Model organism

  • Zebrafish

  • Nematodes

  • C.elegans

  • Drosophila

  • Seed screening

  • TransGene


Types Item No. LED lamps Filter Groups Compatible microscopes
Two colors MZX-BG-LED Blue and Green Blue and Green

Olympus SZX

Nikon SMZ

Leica M 

Zeiss V/Discovery/SV 

Sunny SZX12

Single color MZX-B-LED Blue Blue

Standard Specification

Model LED lamp Filter wavelength  Mainly Applied Fluorochrome
Color Excitation filter Dichroic mirror Emission filter
B Blue 475/40nm 505nmLP 525/45nm GFP/ FITC /EGFP
G Green 530/40nm 570nmLP 590nmLP PI / EB / EH /TRITC
Yellow 560/40nm 600nmLP 610nmLP Mcherry/TexasRed/Alexa Fluor 594
Light source Blue: 6W LED for each filter group, 3W per LED lamp
Green: 12W LED for each filter group, 6W per LED lamp
Yellow: 10W for each filter group: 5W per LED lamp
Observation Fluorescence
Bright field from microscope original light
Operation Turret :B, G, UV/O (Bright field)
Power control Rota-table knob, continuously adjustable brightness
Input power DC 12V 2A
Shell High rigid precision-cast aluminium with coating and vents
Light baffle Orange color plastic light baffle

Optional Filters & Lamps

LED Filter type Excitation filter Dichroic mirror Emission filter
Blue Long-pass 460-490nm >500nm 510nmLP
Green Band-pass 475/40nm >500nm 535/45nm
Yellow Band-pass 560/40nm 600nmLP 635/60nm
Violet Long-pass 400/40nm 430nmLP 460nmLP

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