Stereo microscope MZ62

MZ62 series zoom stereo microscope has high-quality optical system design, showing excellent resolution and true color, body and parts are ergonomic and durable. It has transmitted light and reflected light with LED illumination, the reflected lighting angle can be moved by user needs. High eyepoint eyepiece with ±5° adjustable is comfortable for long time observation, head support 50%/50% light division to achieve view image on PC and eyepiece synchronise. The microscope is ideal for high-precision 3D observation of stereoscopic objects such as electronic components, plant, insect, sand and other small objects, it is widely used for routine biomedical tests, scientific research and industrial inspections.


  • Zoom magnification 6.7X~45X, zoom radio 6.7:1, working distance 105mm.

  • Reflected lighting and transmitted lighting of LED light source.

  • Hinged type observation tube with both eyepiece diopter ±5° and large field number 22mm.

  • Flexible expanded with boom stand.

Eyepiece WF10X/22mm high eye-point , large field of view, both eyepiece diopter adjusting range ±5°
Observation head 45°inclined hinged trinocular observation tube, light path selector: 50%/50%
Pupil distance adjusting range: 54-75mm                          
Zoom range0.67X4.5X
Zoom ratio6.7:1
Working distance:105mm
Camera Adapter 0.5X C-mount adapter
Focusing System Focusing frame and wheel tension adjustable focus adjustment
Lifting distance 50mm
Base L-slope stand type base, vertical stand adjustment, working distance 106mm
Work plate φ95mm Frosted glass work plate
Illumination System Reflected & transmission LED light source
Dust Cover Mshot Dust Cover
                                                                     Optional accessories
Eyepiece WF15X/16mm high eye-point, both eyepiece diopter adjusting ±5°
WF15X/20mm high eye-point, both eyepiece diopter adjusting ±5°
Eyepiece Micrometer φ24mm10/100XY
Observation head 45°inclined hinged binocular observation tube, 360° rotatable
Camera adapter 1X C-mount adapter
Auxiliary objective 0.5X, working distance 177mm
2X, working distance 26mm
Stand For industry: binding focusing stand
Universal single stand (observation range can be expanded and observe toward to any direction
Work plate φ95mm white transparent work plate
φ95mm non-transparent black and white work plate
Base Transparent white work plate
Non transparent black-white work plate
Illumination LED right light
Fiber-optic light source(H-150)

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