Biological microscope ML11
Entry-level Biological microscope ML11

Biological microscope ML11 is a basic optical microscope equipped with plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepiece, featured with clear view, wide field and easy operation. It is quite popular for teachers and students to achieve interactive teaching on biology science. The biological microscope is widely used in the fields of biology, agriculture and it is an ideal instrument for education departments. 


  • Light center pre-set 3W LED lamp

  • 160mm tube length.

  • With blue,yellow and green filter to change light color

  • Low position hand wheel is comfortable to use

  • Abbey condenser with changeable aperture diaphragm

  • Big slide holder for two pieces slides

Area of application

  • Biology slides

  • Education

  • Entry level pathology

  • Plant

  • Bacteria

  • Veterinary

Eyepiece WF10X/18mm
Observation head 30°inclination,hinged trinocular observation head, interpupillary distance 50mm-75mmsingle type diopter adjustable, fix light division R:T:80:20
30°inclination, hinged binocular observation head, interpupillary distance 50mm - 75mm, single type diopter adjustable (optional)
Objectives Achromat objective 4X/0.10, W.D.: 37.5mm
Achromat objective 10X/0.25,W.D:6.55mm
Achromat objective 40X/0.65,W.D:0.669mm
Achromat objective 100X/1.25, W.D:0.198mm
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece with inward tilt
Stage 155mmx142mm double layer compound mechanical moving stage, moving range 76mmX50mm , accuracy 0.1mm
Focus Low position hand wheel coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with limit stopper and lock device
Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 25mm)
Fine focusing accuracy 0.002mm
Transmitted illumination 3W LEDPre-set lamp center, brightness continues adjustable
Abbey condenser,N.A.1.25with changeable aperture diaphragm
Filters: blue, yellow and green
Camera adapter 1X C-mount
Power line External set wide voltage power adapter, input 100V-240V-AC50/60HZ, outputDC12V2A

Immersion oil

Dust cover

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