Inverted fluorescence microscope MF52-N
Routine level inverted fluorescence microscope MF52-N

MF52-N is composed of LED epi-fluorescence system and inverted biological microscope.It adopts excellent infinite optical path, long working distance plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepiece.The compact and stable high rigid body satisfied the anti vibration requirements of microscope operation. Modular design provides safely and quickly lighting adjustment and switch of fluorescent filter groups. The microscope is used for microscope observation of cell tissue and transparent liquid tissue, as well as fluorescence observation in the fields of bio-pharmaceutical, medical detection, disease prevention, etc.


  • Long lifetime (LED lamp lifetime is 20,000 hours in theory)

  • Stable output excitation lighting effectively 

  • Strong light intensity of short light path, reliable and safety

  • Easy to use, no need debugging, instant ON/OFF

  • Varies of fluorescence filter groups 

  • Compatible to microscopes in world famous brand

  • Professional customize solution for different users

  • Fluorescence module is removable, upgrading to 4 channels


  • Living tissue observation

  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • Medical examination

  • Disease prevention

New optimal optical path

Ensuring the imaging quality and reduce the optical signal transmission occupied space through the optimization optical path design.


  • High numerical aperture objectives

High transparent glass and advanced coating technology are used to halo.

  • Upgraded plan phase contrast objectives

Positvie phase contrast the reasonability of phase difference light and shade distribution objectives in long working distance increase contrast and resolution of imaging are greatly improved.

  • Semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives

High-quality fluorescence objectives are optional by needs, image performance is improved, better UV transmission than conventional objectives, and comparable to international famours brands quality.

SWF10X/22 eyepiece, wide of view

SWF10X/22 eyepiece provides a wide and bright field of vision, higher overall clarity of the image,enabling users to quickly capture the target area, high eye point design effectively alleviate visual fatigue.

Phase contrast plate

Phase contrast plate converts optical path difference or phase difference into amplitude difference to enhance contrast. Light absorbing substances in the plate to enlarge the potential difference of deviated light, two light groups converge into a beam through the lens, the interference phenomenon of superpositionor cancellation occurs and show the visible light and dark difference.

Compatible with all camera sensor up to 1 inch

Built in 0.75x adapter, the optical imaging is a very complex process, the camera interface has a great impact on the compensation, transmittance, dispersion, balance,strength and so on, and plays an important role in image correction and compensation.

Eyepiece Wide field SWF10X(field number:Φ22mm), high eyepoint, one diopter adjustable
Centering telescope
Observation tube 45˚ inclined, interpupillary distance 53~75mm, diopter adjustable
Infinity plan achromatic objectives Bright field PLL 4X/0.12 Work distance:10.8mm
PLL 10X/0.25 Work distance:4.1mm
PLL 40X/0.45 Work distance:2.5 mm
Phase contrast  PLL 10X/0.25 PHP Work distance:4.1 mm
PLL 20X/0.45 PHP Work distance:5.0 mm
Optional objectives Phase contrast PLL 40X/0.58PHP Work distance:2.5mm
Semi fluorescence Plan fluor 4X/0.13
Semi fluorescence Plan fluor 10X/0.3
Semi fluorescence Plan fluor 20X/0.45
Semi fluorescence Plan fluor 40X/0.65
Epi-fluorescence illumination system 12V/2A Cold LED light source, brightness continuously adjustable
3W LED lamp
Pull rod of fluorescent filter groups
UV filter group, excitation filter 330~380nm,emission wavelength 460/50nm
Blue filter group, excitation wavelength 460~490nm, emission wavelength 535/40nm
Green filter group, excitation wavelength 510~550nm, emission wavelength 590nmLP
Optional filter group: Yellow filter group, excitation wavelength 540~580nm,610nmLP
Phase contrast ring plate 10X, 20X and 40X in one unit
Focus system Coaxial coarse/fine focus, with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2μm.
Nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece,ball bearing with anti fungus device
Stage Fixed stage overall size is 227mmX208mm
Glass rotundity stage overall size is Ф118mm, inner size is Ф68mm
Mechanical moving device, moving range is 77mm (longitudinal)X135mm (transverse)
Culture dish holder 1 Inside locating slot size: 86mm (W)X129.5mm (L), (suitable for circular culture dish Ф90mm)
Culture dish holder 2 Inside locating slot size: 34mm (W)X77.5mm (L),  (suitable for circular culture dish Ф68.5mm)
Culture dish holder 3 Inside locating slot size:57mm (W)X82mm (L),
(suitable for circular culture dish Ф60mm)
Culture dish holder 4 Inside locating slot size:29mm(W)X77.5mm (L),
(suitable for circular culture dish Ф35mm)
Transmitted illumination system 9W white LED lamp with brightness adjustable
Push-pull type condenser, working distance 55mm
Green filter
Camera adapter Internal set 0.75X C-mount
Light baffle 110mmx70mm, orange color plastic light baffle
Tool Allen driver

Dust cover

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