Social role

Since its establishment, MICRO-SHOT has always regarded ’Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation and Service‘ as the core value concept of the enterprise, and regarded the realization of value for employees, enterprises, shareholders and society as the lofty mission of the enterprise, striving to practice the spirit of corporate citizenship, taking being a responsible enterprise as its own responsibility, and actively participating in social public welfare undertakings. In recent years, Guangzhou Mingmei has widely carried out social public welfare undertakings, in order to continuously improve the ability to fulfill social moral responsibility and promote the continuous development of social public welfare undertakings.

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As an enterprise with a strong sense of corporate citizenship and social responsibility, MICRO-SHOT will continue to take the responsibility of ’committed to public welfare, advocating corporate responsibility, caring for the growth of young people, and promoting social progress‘ as its own duty, strengthen social responsibility and moral construction, actively participate in all kinds of social public welfare activities, infect the society through charitable deeds, promote the spirit of charity, and enhance the public awareness of charity, Promote the further integration of enterprises and social public welfare undertakings, and make positive contributions to create a ’mutual progress, beautiful and harmonious‘ social environment.

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