Respiratory tract examination

Nine joint examinations of respiratory tract

With the development of new test items in the laboratory, the respiratory tract nine joint inspection is popular in more and more hospitals. The package combination makes the detection of clinical respiratory tract infection more efficient, specific and comprehensive.

The nine joint tests of respiratory tract are also called combined tests of IgM antibodies against nine respiratory pathogens: (Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 IgM antibody + Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM antibody + Rickettsia Q IgM antibody + Chlamydia pneumoniae IgM antibody + adenovirus IgM antibody + respiratory syncytial virus IgM antibody + influenza A virus IgM antibody + influenza B virus IgM antibody + parainfluenza virus 1, 2 and 3 IgM antibody)

Indirect immunofluorescence method was used to detect IgM of nine pathogens. Because the body is stimulated by antigen, the first antibody produced is IgM, but the half-life of IgM is short (about 5 days). If the serum specific IgM antibody content increases, it indicates that there is a recent infection, which is helpful to the early diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Map of negative results of respiratory tract

Map of negative results of respiratory tract.png

Map of positive results of respiratory tract

Map of positive results of respiratory tract.png

Respiratory tract examination

MSHOT high performance fluorescence microscope MF31

Easy to operate - compact structure, no need for complex optical adjustment steps, instant on-off and stable performance.

Excellent imaging - optical components and cameras can provide excellent contrast, color and resolution to create excellent imaging effect.

Strong expansibility - infinite optical system, which can realize bright field, dark field, phase contrast multi-functional microscopic observation.

Easy to maintain - easy to clean and maintain, seldome need on-site service.

Price friendly - multiple efficient fluorescent bands are available to adapt to different fluorescent applications. LED has long life time and low cost of manual maintenance, reflecting high performance and price.

Main fluorescence filter specification

Blue Green UV
Excitation filter 460-490nm
510-550nm 330-380nm
Dichroic mirro
500nm 570nm 400nm
Emission filter 510nmLP 590nmLP 420nmLP

Sample images

mshot_led_fluorescent_microscope_respiratory_disease.jpg  4.jpg  1.jpg

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