LED fluorescence illuminator MI-LED
LED fluorescence illuminator for inverted microscope MI-LED series

MI-LED is a fluorescence illuminator in LED light source, it is used to upgrade inverted biological microscope to fluorescence microscope. Special with built-in color LED lamps and module design, the illuminator is well fit to Olympus inverted microscope for live cell. On purpose of user friendly , the products is lightweight and small volume. Combine light source, filter sets in one unit.


  • Compact design of all in one unit

  • Continuously adjustable brightness with rotatable knob

  • No need preheating or cooling, open to use

  • Accurate controlling of different color lighting 

  • One-stop operation of light source synchronous switching with filter groups

  • No required of external or added power supply

  • Safety, environment friendly and human friendly

  • Coated precision-cast aluminium with vented design

  • CE, FCC, EMC, EU, ISO certified

Main applications

  • Embryology

  • IVF

  • Genetics Andrology

  • Cell biology

  • Neurosicence

  • Sperm analysis


Item No. LED lamps Filter Groups Compatible microscopes
MI-BG-LED Blue and Green/yellow Blue and Green/Yellow

Olympus CKX41

Olympus CX53

Olympus IX50/70

Olympus IX51/71

Olympus IX53/73

MI-BGU-LED Blue, Green/Yellow and UV Blue,Green/Yellow and UV

Standard Specification

Model LED lamp Filter wavelength Mainly Applied Fluorochrome
Excitation filter Dichroic mirror Emission filter
B Blue 480/30nm 505nmLP 535/40nm GFP/ FITC /EGFP/ Malaria / Alexa 488 / Cy2@/Fluo-4 / FluorX@ / Fluoro-Jade
G Green 540/25nm 565nmLP 605/55nm PI / EB / EH /TRITC
Yellow 560/40nm 600nmLP 610nmLP Mcherry/TexasRed/Alexa Fluor 594
U UV 350/50nm 400nmLP 460/50nm DAPI/Alexa 350/Hoechst 33342&33258 /AMCA/
Remark* Olympus CX41 UV excitation only can be long-pass filter
Light source

Blue &UV: 3W LED cold lamp for each filter group

Green: 6W LED cold lamp for each filter group

Yellow: 5W LED cold lamp for each filter group

Observation Fluorescence
Bright field & phase contrast by microscope original lighting
Operation Lever : B, G, UV/O
Power control Rota-table knob, continuously adjustable brightness
Input power DC 12V 2A
Shell High rigid precision-cast aluminium with coating and vents
Light baffle Orange color plastic light baffle

Optional Filters & Lamps

LED Filter type Excitation filter Dichroic mirror Emission filter Remark
Blue Long-pass 480/40nm 505nmLP 520nmLP Olympus CX41 UV excitation only can be long-pass filter
Green Long-pass 530/40nm 570nmLP 590nmLP
Yellow Band-pass 560/40nm 600nmLP 635/60nm
UV Long-pass 360/50nm 400nmLP 420nmLP
Violet Long-pass 400/40nm 430nmLP 460nmLP

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